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Sabbath Service

The Ark family would love for you to join us every Sabbath. Come fellowship with us and worship as a community. Due to COVID-19 we will be able to host in-person worship at a limited capacity only. But, will also be having services online on YouTube and Zoom. (Please see Zoom instructions at the bottom of this page).

Join our Bible Study session Saturday mornings from 9:30a-10:30a:

  • Bible Study sessions will take place in person and on Zoom until further notice. Once you are logged in and connected there will be an administrator to direct you to the Bible study session you’d like to join.
  • On Zoom, we only have Bible Study sessions for adults & for youth (middle school to high school). Currently, we won’t be able to host a session for children on Zoom.

Join our Community Worship session Saturday mornings from 11:00a-12:00p:

  • This is where we worship and praise God together and share the Gospel of Jesus as brothers and sisters in the family of God.
  • Community Worship session will take place in-person (outside w/ masks) and on Zoom.
  • If you attend service in-person, please follow the health guidelines for a safe worship environment.

Zoom Instructions:

  • If you already have the Zoom application and know how to use it, then open the application and enter the following Meeting Id: 273815954, then click Join. Then enter Password: 670162.
  • If you currently don’t have the Zoom application, read below:
    • You don’t have to subscribe to Zoom if you don’t want to, but you must download the application for free, either on your computer, smart phone, or ipad/notebook in order to participate.
    • Click here to open a new Zoom window
    • Once the window pops up, enter the following Meeting Id: 273815954, then click Join. Then enter Password: 670162.
    • The application will be downloaded. Then the Zoom application will pop up. Click the Join Computer Audio button to listen. At this time you may decide to show/hide your live video camera stream of yourself.
    • Once you’re in the session, there will be navigation buttons at the bottom of the window:
      • A button to mute/unmute yourself
      • A button to show/hide a live video of yourself
      • A chat button to type messages to the group or individual
  • As a courtesy during the session:
    • Please mute yourself during the session while the speaker or teacher is speaking. This prevents sound input/output conflicts. You may unmute yourself when you’re ask to participate in a discussion.
    • If you decide to show a live video of yourself during the session, please remember others can see you. So please be respectful in what you wear, what you do, and what will be visible on your camera. Otherwise, we may have to kick you off the session and ban you for future sessions.