An Active God

December 13-19, 2020 – Joseph Castillo

Not too long ago I preached a sermon called “The Chase is On”.  I described how when I first saw Belinda, my soon to be girlfriend and later, my wife, running across a football field that I started to run after her.  I had to meet her.  When Adam and Eve first sinned they hid from God.  Hiding in the bushes and behind the trees, partly to cover their bodies and partly to hide their sin.  Imagine hiding from God.

Does God wait for them to come out of hiding?  No.  He goes after them.  He pursues them.  He looks for them.  The words ring out in the Garden; “Where are you?” (Genesis 3:9) Jesus asks.  We see an active God pursuing HIs children.

Do you have a picture of God being mobile?  Being active in seeking you and your loved ones?  There is another story in the Bible about a prophet named Elijah.  Elijah had finished doing some amazing signs and miracles.  Even praying for fire to come down from heaven.  He took on the King of Israel who was leading God’s children away from Him and was leading them deeper into sin.  After Elijah’s great spiritual high, he comes crashing down to a spiritual low.  Something I have experienced many times.  Elijah goes so low that he wants to die.  The queen, Jezebel, hearing about what Elijah has done, promises to kill him that day.  So he flees.  He forgets about what God can do for him and he runs away.

He flees to Mt Sinai which is called the “Mountain of God”.  When he reaches the mountain he finds a cave and hides in it.  Then Jesus comes and asks; “What are you doing here, Elijah?” (1 Kings 19:9-13).  Again, we see an active, and pursuing God.  

Ever since Adam and Eve sinned God has been chasing us.  I try to stop but it seems like the problems of life keep me running.  I am so glad that He does not stop being active in my life.  He always draws me back to Him when He finds me and asks me; “What are you doing here?”  What about you? Are you ready to stop running? No matter where you go He’s there asking you the same question.