What’s In Your Pantry?

September 27-October 3, 2020 – Milton Dalida

There are only two types of food: perishables and non-perishables. One will spoil if not refrigerated and has a short storage life, the other can be stored for a long period. Before the Fall of Man, God’s creation was meant to be non-perishable, to be fruitful and increase in number, and live forever. (Genesis 1:28). He also provided nourishment for His creation (Genesis 1:29-30). After the Fall of Man, God’s creation began to deteriorate and die. In my experience and relationship with Jesus, I found there to be 3 kinds of “food” that we should consider as children of God.

Godly FoodJesus is the Bread of Life (John 6:25-59) and the Living Water (John 7:37-39). God and His word are the food we should be consuming daily to be physically and spiritually healthy. His food is pure, natural, organic. His word IS THE TRUTH! The physical food you eat may not be a salvation issue. It’s more of a spiritual health issue that does affect your salvation!

Worldy Food – The world’s beliefs, philosophy, psychology, mentality, and spirituality is the “junk food” of life. It has been processed and synthesized from the truth, to look and taste like the truth, but IS NOT THE TRUTH! Just like physical food that has so many preservatives and ingredients that we can’t pronounce and spell, our lives have been preserved in the lies and sin of this world. (Revelation 18:1-5) Partaking in the “food” of the world is like playing a game with your life. The longer you participate the stronger the chance you’re not going to survive. So it is with Jesus’ second coming. (Revelation 1:7; Matthew 24:36-51) Prepare your oil jars before the bridegroom arrives or the door will be shut. (Matthew 25:1-13)

You and Me – We are spiritual “food” to our fellow neighbors. According to Matthew 5:13, 14, we are the “salt of the earth and the light of the world.” Some of our neighbors don’t have access to God’s pantry, or have shut it and locked it to build a worldly one instead. We must continue to be an example of what it’s like to consume the food in God’s pantry, how the truth leads to everlasting life, and lead them to the Bread of Life and drink of the Living Water. You’ve heard the expression, “You are what you eat.” If so, are you Godly food or worldly junk food for our neighbors?

If your pantry contains certain foods you eat, which leads to the kind of health you have, which then leads to the kind of life you live, then think of it as a pantry of your life – the kind of people you keep around you. Do they lead you to a healthy spiritual life? Or are they just comfort junk food? And, vice versa, we are to be a part of our neighbor’s pantry of their lives. We must continue to be God’s spiritual stewards in this world until Jesus comes to take us home. I ask you again, “What’s in your pantry?”