August 9-15, 2020 – Joseph Castillo

Have you ever been tired?  I have.  There is this story in John that gives me encouragement.  It says, “and Jesus, tired as He was from the journey, sat down by the well (John 4:6).”  The story tells us that Jesus was hungry and tired. Somehow, that brings comfort to me.  He knows how it is to feel exhausted.   To feel hungry.  He was tired from His Journey.  Life has a way of just wearing us down.  The everyday “rat race” as we call it is fatiguing.  We worry about bills, health, and so many other things:  It is so bad at times that I worry when there is nothing to worry about!   Jesus stops in the middle of the day and sits down at a well to rest.

A woman from Samaria comes to that same well at the same time too.  She is trying to avoid people because of her life’s journey.  I can easily see she is tired physically having to come to the well in the middle of the day with her heavy jars and the sun beating down on her.  Being a forgotten outcast wears on her mind and makes her mentally tired.

Jesus and this woman have a revitalizing spiritual encounter.  Excitement and energy fills her from head to toe and she goes into town to tell everyone about Jesus.  At this point we notice something interesting.  She leaves her jar at Jesus’ feet.  

In Isaiah 64:8 God’s word tells us that He is the potter and we are the clay.  That clay jar is her old life and her tiredness.  A new life and rest was found when she left it at Jesus’ feet!

Here’s another interesting fact.  Jesus himself found rest and satisfaction in ministering to the woman at the well.  John tells us that Jesus is no longer hungry or tired.  He was revitalized and spiritually fed! 

Wherever you are in life.  Whatever you are dealing with.  Whenever you are tired of this journey just stop and take time with Jesus.  It may be the middle of the day, but you too will come away revitalized and satisfied.