Cruiseline To Paradise

April 11-17, 2021 – Milton Dalida

Going on a vacation cruise sounds like fun. Food, dessert, entertainment, and all kinds of fun activities available 24 hours a day. You feel like a king or queen and get to relax by the pool or on the sun deck feeling the breeze of the ocean. But, it doesn’t last forever. You still have to come back home to the realities of life, work, and school.

The Titanic was considered the pinnacle of the ultimate cruise ships during its time. It carried some of the wealthiest people, provided some of the most extravagant meals, had advanced safety features, and was said to be unsinkable! Well, unfortunately, during its journey from Southampton, England to New York, United States, it hit an iceberg. Too many watertight compartments were flooded. The number of provided life boats were only enough for half the passengers. The ship eventually broke apart and sank to the bottom of the ocean with it’s captain and chief naval architect on board. Unsinkable? I guess not.

The Titanic was made of steel, advanced technology, and designed by engineers. Noah’s Ark was made of cypress wood and pitch, having only one large door, and built by a faithful family of God. (Genesis 6:9-22) The Ark was built to withstand the massive storm and flood the earth will ever have. It contained the last remnants of life on earth. Meals were rationed and simple. Accommodations were barn-like. The environment contained the smell and noise of the animals. The storm and flood lasted for 40 days! That doesn’t sound like a fun cruise at all.

The Titanic was built by the strength and understanding of man for the pleasures of man. The Ark was built by faith of a few (with the help of the holy angels), and designed by God Himself for the salvation of mankind. One ship was built by the pride of man, while the other was built to glorify and honor the Creator of man. It’s hard to fathom what life would be like again without the technologies and amenities of today. Outside appearances or perceptions aren’t necessarily the best, strongest, or the smartest. Only whoever and whatever God uses to draw His children back to Him is what’s best. Only He alone can provide and sanctify the tools and opportunities necessary to make that happen.

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26) “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33)