Ark in the Yard Projects

Hello Ark Family. We have two Ark in the Yard projects in Visalia scheduled before the end of the year.

Project 1 – The first project is for Fidel, scheduled for Sunday, November 15 at 9:00am. This gentleman had a stroke recently and is undergoing dialysis. We will be working on his backyard, getting rid of dried grass and weeds that need to be removed.  We will also get rid of furniture and other items that need to be taken to the dump. We are planning to have a trailer to haul away as much as we can.  Below are some of the photos of the yard we’ll be working on. We need as many volunteers as possible to complete this yard project.  Many hands make light work. If you have the tools and equipment necessary to help, please bring them. We will need shovels, rakes, wheel barrow, dollies, weed wacker, and lawn mowers.

Project 2 – The second project is for Pat, scheduled for Sunday, December 6, 9:00am. We have helped Pat before. We are blessed to be able to reconnect and serve Pat again. We will be trimming some shrubs and cutting down the olive tree as much as we can, only leaving 3 main branches. See photos below. Pat has mentioned that anyone can take the olives from the tree.  Please bring any type of tree pruning tools, loppers, saw, rakes, and hedge trimmers.

Thank you Ark Family for your willingness to help. If you’re available please contact us. We will send out a text and email for the address and any other info we may have missed.