August 23-29, 2020 – Joseph Castillo

Frustration can come in so many different ways.  I’m frustrated with Covid-19.  I’m frustrated that I have to wear a face mask everywhere I go.  I got frustrated when my face mask broke a string in public and I could not wear it anymore.  It kept falling off.  People were judging me for not having my face mask on.  I felt like shouting or putting a sign on my shirt saying my string broke!  I’m frustrated because if I do wear my mask there are still people who judge me for wearing one.  Frustrated that I can’t meet with my church family in person.  Frustrated that I can’t lose 5 pounds when my friends are losing 20 pounds.

In Luke 8:43–48, Luke tells this story of a woman who is healed by touching the hem of Jesus’ robe.  She had a medical issue that had caused her to bleed for 12 years.  She had spent all of her money on physicians to solve her problem.  She was frustrated because instead of getting better she got worse.  Due to the bleeding she was not allowed to go out in public.  She couldn’t wear a mask to protect others from her medical condition.  I can easily see she was frustrated with life.  Frustrated with the medical community.  Frustrated with God.  Just plain frustrated!

She hears about this man, Jesus, who they call the healer.  She hears about all the amazing healings He has performed but she is out of funds.  She is at the end of her rope, but at the end of her rope she finds hope.  She says to herself, “If I can only touch the Hem of His garment I can be healed.”  What faith!  She spent all her money on the best health care she could get but it made her worse and now she thinks she can touch Jesus’ robe and be healed?  What faith!  She devises this plan to cloak herself and to go out in public.  She is risking her life.  If anyone finds out she could be stoned.  She had already felt the mental and spiritual stones that were thrown her way and was frustrated with people judging her.

I see her hiding in a corner waiting for Jesus to walk by.  She has to be on her hands and knees or in some crouching position because the Bible says she touches the Hem of Jesus’ robe.  I see her with her face down so that no one will recognize her.  I see her peeking out of her covering to see when Jesus is coming.  Then Jesus passes by; she reaches out in faith and touches the hem of His garment and immediately she is healed.  

Jesus stops and asks something interesting, “Who touched Me?”  He asks this because He felt healing power come out of Him.  It’s like it was automatic.  When a hand of faith touches Him He can’t help but respond to it.

The woman comes forward and tells her whole life story and she is ready to be judged.  But Jesus says,  “Go in peace, your faith has made you well.”  Go in peace…all of her frustrations are gone!  

Reach out to Jesus in faith.  Tell Him all about your frustrations.  Touch Him with that hand of faith and exchange your frustrations for peace!